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 Unfortunately Sammi Kay Beauty Bar will Be CLOSED until further notice. 

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All Facials include: Cleanse, exfoliate, toning, light extractions,  10 minute facial massage, face mask, 10 minute décolleté and shoulder massage, moisturizer, and sunscreen. (Steam & Hot towels are also included) 

Express Facial (30 Minutes): $50

The express facial includes: Double cleanse, hot steam, exfoliating, tone, 5 minutes facial massage, custom mask, 5 minute shoulder, décolleté, and neck massage, moisturize, sunscreen, and hot towels. 

Teen Facial (30 Minutes): $60

The Teen facial includes: Double cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, tone, custom mask, moisture, sunscreen, and hot towels and our acne killing High Frequency. (Massage is not included in this service but may be added for $5) 

Relaxing Spa Facial (45 Minutes): $90

The relaxing spa facial is just for the person who needs some pampering. Enjoy the cozy bed, relaxing music, and low lighting while receiving the following: Double cleanse, exfoliating, steam, tone, 10 minute facial massage, custom mask, 10 min shoulder, décolleté, and neck massage, moisturizer, sunscreen, and hot towels.  

Microdermabrasion Facial (60-75 minutes): $130

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew the overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.

The procedure uses a special tool with an abrasive surface and suction to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it.

Dermaplaning Facial (60-75 minutes): $110

Dermaplaning uses a sharp surgical blade a larger, (fatter surgical blade) held at a 45-degree angle to gently scrape the outer layer of the skin which consists of dull dead skin cells and also rids of all the hair (peach fuzz). 

This is a safe and very effective exfoliating procedure that leaves your skin smooth, hairless, and gives that nice glowing appearance. 

Products are also increasingly absorbed better after this procedure.

(You should avoid this treatment if you have a tan, sunburn, active acne,  flaring rosacea breakout, or an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, or have heavy acne scaring.

Mild Chemical Peel Facial: (glycolic or lactic acid 60-75 minutes): $150

Despite the name, your skin doesn’t noticeably “peel” off. What is noticeable, though, are the effects underneath the removed epidermis: smoother and brighter skin.

These peels are used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other factors that contribute to a dull and uneven complexion. Other benefits of include improving the skin tone and reduced pore appearance.

Enzyme add on (20 minutes): $20

Enzyme exfoliation can be especially beneficial for those with dry, sensitive, and mature skin types, but all skin types can benefit from enzyme exfoliation. Enzymes in skincare can help smooth texture, brighten skin tone, and clear the way for more efficient product penetration—all while keeping the skin’s natural moisture barrier intact! 

Is used for exfoliating the skin’s surface through chemical means. When applied to the skin, these enzymes quickly break down the keratin protein, which is a bond that keeps dead skin cells together on the skin’s surface. This top layer of skin is then able to shed which will reveal a softer, more supple layer of skin underneath. This process removes the top layer of skin, which also helps to reduce scars and pigmentation as discolored layers of skin are shed at a faster rate.

This may sound like a harsh process, however, enzymes are gentler than many scrubs or physical exfoliants, especially since they are extracted from fruits. They are sometimes even extracted from figs, kiwis and mangos! 

Do not be fooled by this gentle process though. Enzymes can be more effective then some deeper peels. 

The beauty of enzymes is that they work chemically right on the spot and will show noticeable brightness and smoother skin after just one use. 

There's little to no downtime or recovery involved after an enzyme peel, since they typically work without damaging or irritating your skin. It’s likely all you’ll experience is some mild tingling and potentially slight redness, so you can basically go straight from your esthetician’s office back to work. It is still best to avoid direct sunlight and always be sure to wear sunscreen anytime you are exposed to the sun! Remember, the sun is the #1 cause of aging. 

High Frequency Add on: $15

High Frequency is a popular skincare technique that is used to treat a variety of conditions, including acne, enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles.

The high frequency facial machine uses a glass high frequency electrode to treat various concerns of the face. When applied to the surface of the skin, a mild electrical current passes through the neon, or argon gas filled glass electrode, causing it to emit a  neon violet/blue light that glows and has a buzzing noise.

Hydro Jelly Mask: $10 add on

A HydroJelly Mask is a "jelly-like" mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning and toning skin and reducing inflammation.

Packed with powerful skincare nutrients, Hydrojelly masks help provide the proper balance of electrolytes to keep skin healthy and hydrated. Once applied, the masks then solidifies creating a unique vacuum seal allowing your skin to absorb the potent benefits of all natural ingredients. 

​Each Hydrojelly mask contain Algae, Organic Whole Grain Oat Flour, Organic White Rice Flour, & Organic White Willow Bark Powder, as well as their own specialized ingredients to treat your individual skin concerns. 

​Extractions: $10 add on 

(For those experiencing more congestion requiring extra time for extractions) 


Waxing Services 


Eyebrows: $8

Upper Lip: $8

Chin: $8

Nose: $8

Full Face: $40

Under Arms: $15

Half Arm: $25

Full Arm: $35

Half Leg: $35

Full Leg: $55

Bikini: $35

Brazilian: $60


Eyebrows: $8

Nose: $8

Ears: $8

Chest: $35

Stomach: $25

Shoulders: $25

Half Arm: $40

Full Arm: $50

Back: $45


Individual Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts, and Brow Laminations

Full Set Classic: $100.00 

Mini Fill (30 minutes): $35      

Classic 2 Week Fill: $55.00

Classic 3 Week Fill: $70

Full Set “Y” Lash: $110

Mini Fill (30 minutes): $40.00

“Y” Lash 2 Week Fill: $60.00

“Y” Lash 3 Week Fill: $75.00

Full Set Volume: $125.00 

Mini Fill (30 minutes): $40     

Volume 2 Week Fill: $70.00

Volume 3 Week Fill: $85.00

Lash Extension Removal: $20.00

Lash Lift: $50

Lash Lift and Tint: $65

Brow Lamination: $50 


Emergency after hours appointment (by availability only): $50 fee plus service. 



Spray Tan

The first ever heated, customized, sputter free airbrush tanning system. Combines advanced chemistry, groundbreaking engineering, patented technology, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a specially formulated, vitamin enriched, fully customizable sunless tanning application every time.

Naturally formulated for a natural looking tan. Every formula is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Wheat Free, Paraben Free, and Non Comedogenic. Solutions are infused with Tea Tree, Argan, and Grapeseed Oil, and contain a combination of Erythrulose and DHA to produce a tan that lasts longer, & fades evenly.

Level 1 Spray Tan- $40

Level 2 Spray Tan- $45

Level 3 Spray Tan- $50

PH Balancing and Color Sealing add on- $5

Bronze Additive Add on- $5

Violet Additive Add on- $5

Magenta Additive Add on- $5

Desert Bloom, Coconut, or Tea Tree Scent Add on- $5

2 Hour Accelerator- $10

Spray Tan Package of 5: $190

Spray Tan Package of 5 (including any or all add ons): $245

House Call: additional $25

Airbrush Makeup Application


Full Face Makeup Application (at studio): $55

Full Face Makeup Application (your location within 15 miles of Studio): $65

Additional $25 for over 15 miles up to 30 miles. If further then 30 miles away price will need to be discussed. 

Bridal Makeup: $95

 (includes free practice application before the wedding)

Bridesmaids: $65 each Bridesmaid


About Me...

Sammi Kay Beauty Bar offers clients a variety of services that will help you feel young, energized and stunning every day. I put safety first, and stay up to date on the best techniques and latest treatment developments. If you’re ready for a fresh start - give me a call today and find out more about my services.

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